Jiaozi dumplings with chicken and vegetables

Frozen pre-cooked dishes of dough wrap with filling. Jiaozi dumplings with chicken and vegetables.

ТУ У 10.8-41564384-001: 2020 ТМ «GOOD СHEF»


Filling 64%: chicken fillet – 21,3%, fresh green cabbage – 21,2%, fresh onions – 9,2%, fresh carrots – 9,2%, refined deodorized sunflower oil, food grade salt, natural flavouring ‘Chicken’, fresh garlic, unrefined undeodorized sesame oil, ground black pepper.

Dough 36%: straight white wheat flour, drinking water, refined deodorized sunflower oil, soy protein isolate, extra white maize starch. It contains gluten and soy protein. It may contain lactose and milk protein.

The packaging contains soy sauce* served with Jiaozi dumplings if desired.


Soy sauce ingredients: drinking water, food grade salt, condensed soy sauce (food grade salt, soya beans, wheat flour), drinking water, granulated sugar, colour (Е150а), granulated sugar, caramel colour, yeast extract, preservative potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, acidity regulator vinegar acid)

Defrosted product is not to be refrozen.

Energy value (calories) per 100 g of the product: 842 kJ 200 kcal
Nutritive (food) value per 100 g of the product:
oils 6,4 g
of them:
saturates of these: 0,9 g
monounsaturated of these: 0,3 g
polyunsaturated of these: 3,4 g
carbohydrates 22,9 g
of them:
sugars of these: 2,9 g
Starch 19,5 g
Food fibers 2,1 g
Proteins 11,8 g
Salt 0,01 g

Storage conditions: at the temperature of no more than minus 18ºС.

Manufacturing date is considered to be a batch number.

Cooking method: brush vegetable oil in a pan. As soon as a pan is heated, put Jiaozi dumplings on it with pleats up and fry until they become golden. Pour in water (enough to cover half of the pre-cooked product). Cover with a lid and steam Jiaozi dumplings for 5-7 minutes. Then, take off the lid and let the water evaporate completely. Lay ready Jiaozi dumplings on a plate brushed with vegetable oil and serve with a soy sauce. Enjoy your meal!!!

Manufactured by: LLC VITALFOOD. Manufacturer’s registered address: 6, Yevropeyska st., Poltava, Ukraine, 36000.

Manufacturing facilities address: 6a, Kharchovykiv st., Poltava, Ukraine, 36008

E-mail: info@vital.com.ua

Tel.: (+38 0532) 67 12 21

Operating permit under number a-UA-16-26-159-XVI-PP

Net weight: 250 g (- 9 g)

BAR-CODE 4820217981505


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