Good Chef

Good Chef is high-quality semi-finished products, ready meals and canned goods. And also delivery of hot lunches around the city of Poltava.
Gar is complicated. The ingredients are natural.
Delivery of hot lunches will be a good solution both for the office and at home. There is a large selection of products.

Delivery in Poltava

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Keeping with the best craft traditions

гуд шеф полтава

Natural ingredients

We use only natural ingredients in our production: meat from Ukrainian farms and fresh vegetables from domestic producers.

гуд шеф полтава

Quick freeze

We use shock freezing technique, which allows to preserve our products fresh for the longest possible period without pasteurization.

гуд шеф полтава

Guarantee of quality

Our production is certified and meets the requirements of ISO 220000:2007 and НАССР. This guarantees the high quality of the products.

Dainty Italian-style or Asian-style dinner – it’s easy

Founders of Good Chef trademark Bohdan Motliak and Oleg Koltsov: ‘We love delicious homemade food, traditional family dinners when the whole family meets and Sunday lunches in a good company of friends. After all, the food unites us, who are so different, interesting and sometimes extraordinary people, no matter where we are! We keep up family traditions and recipes of tasty family dishes, hand them down from generation to generation and this is what our distinctiveness consist in’

‘Both the taste of dishes and their use are equally important for us. It is important to eat not only delicious, but also healthy food. However, like many other Ukrainians, we felt that in the modern fast pace of life we often don’t have enough time to cook homemade food. That’s why we are forced to buy pre-cooked dishes, as we sometimes want to take more time for the family or favourite hobby or just to have a rest and not to slave over a hot stove.

Pre-cooked dishes are usually easy and quick to cook, but they aren’t particularly tasty or of high quality. It is difficult to find out what is a pre-cooked dish made of and whether you can treat a child with it. That is why we came up with an idea to find an alternative: that is to prepare a product which is still affordable and easy to cook, but at the same time really tasty and healthy. And the most important thing that after having eaten it, people are full-bellied and healthy. We start a new tradition for our Ukrainian families.’

That’s how appeared the idea of Good Chef trademark, which combined in its dishes features of affordable and tasty, but at the same time healthy food of high quality.

The Good Chef trademark idea is based on quality, naturality and taste. That’s exactly why we take only high quality flour, meat and vegetables from proven partners and prepare a product, which is thoroughly controlled on every stage of production. Our final goal is to provide customers with high quality, delicious, natural and healthy product.

Having respect to classical cuisine traditions, we strive at the same time to extend culinary horizons of our customers. That’s why we combined traditional dishes and exquisite national cuisines in the range of our products. Good Chef dishes of Italian and Japanese cuisine are perceived as home-cooked meal, because we put our heart and care into meals while cooking for you like for ourselves!

With love to own business ​

Good Chef dishes are meals, which you can quickly prepare at home after a difficult working day or share with family and friends. We preserve them affordable and easy to cook and at the same time we provide a good taste and high quality ingredients.

Quality of world masterpieces

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